26 and the random – the cards

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My deck is the Elemental Power Deck (you can get details on the deck itself on my site at https://fiction.bykai.com/tarot-prompts).
For my draw, I shuffled but did not take any invented draws (I kept them all the correct way up), and each day, I’ll share the meaning of the card at the end of the part, and then collect them in a glossary when the project is complete.  These meanings may be the standard meanings, or they may be my understanding of them.  If you disagree with a meaning, by all means, let me know, but I am working to the meanings as I understand them to start with, and will not alter the story if my meaning differs dramatically from yours.

I’d already decided, as the set is coins, cups, wands and swords that I’d write a high fantasy novella of sorts, but I’m not sure if that’s all it’s going to be. (in my deck, coins/pentacles are interchangeable.  I’ve chosen coins over pentacles for numbered cards, pentacles for named (Page to King), so I could introduce magics as well as other fun.
I shuffled several times (every four cards), to be sure of a good mix, and the deck has already been shuffled daily for a week, so, the pattern it drew is not due to poor mixing 🙂

The 26 cards I drew are:

1. The 4 of Cups
2. The Knight of Coins (pentacle)
3. 10 of Coins
(week 1)
4. 9 of Coins
5. 8 of Wands
6. 7 of Wands
8. 5 of Wands
9. 4 of Wands
10. Queen of Cups
(week 2)
11. Knight of Cups
12. Page of Cups
13. Justice (major)
14. Wheel of Fortune (major)
15. 9 of Wands
16. 8 of Swords
17. The High Priestess (major)
(week 1)
18. The Lovers/Twins (major)
19. 8 of Cups
20. Emperor (major)
21. Empress (major)
22. 10 of Swords
23. 9 of Swords
24. Knight of Wands
(week 4)
25.Page of Wands
26. The Magician (major)

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